Door construction information, tips on calling doors

All mobile home exterior doors are sized based on "rough opening" which is the size of the hole in the wall of the home if the door was removed. In the mobile home world, doors are "called" by the hinge side. 

In the mobile home world, doors are "called" by the hinge side. 

Standing outside the home, which side of the door assembly are the hinges on?

If the hinges are on the left side, you have a Left-handed Door

If the hinges are on the right side, you have a Right-handed Door


Combination doors:

25 Gauge Steel Core doors with heavy duty aluminum framed storm door 

Inner Core is edge bored and capped for easy addition of deadbolt

Prefinished white jamb system

Four leaf sill sweep to stop drafts as well as thermally broken threshold with rubber strip to prevent condensation and floor damage.

Stainless steel bushings in the hinges and built-in drip caps on storm doors

Single exterior opening steel door:

an efficient thermal entrance system completely pre-hung and ready to install

White painted galvanized steel mounting frame

1-3/8" door thickness bored for lock and deadbolt

Polystyrene foam core insulation with 4- extruded hinges with bushings

Full perimeter compression gaskets and seals

Replacement storm door:

 constructed with safety glass

Full length galvanized hinge pin with stainless steel bushings